Better in fullscreen! (only put into full screen once the game is loaded so it can resize)

Achuluophobia is the fear of darkness. When it's dark, you cannot tell what is there, so anything could be there, maybe even monsters.

The power just went out. You cannot see anything, your mind starts going crazy. Now what are those things in front of you? Are they monsters. When I shine the light they are just toys.

In this game, use your flashlight to reveal what the monsters really are. BUT, the battery only has a limited battery, make sure to go recharge it. Remember though, the power is out, so to charge that you must use a hand crank.

Move with WASD or arrows, and jump with W or Space. To put the flashlight on the charger press e, and to crank the generator hold e. Make sure to shine the light on any monster to reveal the normal room.

Note: the green that appears for the flashlight is showing the normal room. The grey room is the "nightmare" world from you being afraid of the dark.


Achluophobia.jar 11 MB